Cactus League Schedule – Events – Up to Date

Here are the games scheduled in 2016. The Cactus League 2017 spring training schedule has not been released yet, but it will be available in a preliminary form at the end of fall. The final schedule will be posted at the beginning of 2017.

In the table are used the Cactus League teams abbreviation of their names as it follows:

ARI – Arizona Diamondbacks

CHC – Chicago Cubs

CWS – Chicago White Sox

CIN – Cincinnati Reds

CLE – Cleveland Indians

COL – Colorado Rockies

KC – Kansas City Royals


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Recreational things to do in Arizona


Arizona is a great place to visit, whether you decide to spend your vacation here or travel for the spring training. Now for the spring training there are people who live in Arizona or just a couple of miles away, but some other people, big fans of the Cactus League games too, will travel to see their favorite players on the field.

No matter the reason, here are some great recreational things to do in Arizona you should put on your visiting list.

Admire the beauty of the landscapes

Arizona has ...

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